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General information about the course

Course Objectives:
To provide an overview of the state of the art of high performance computing as applied to engineering applications. Special reference will be given to parallel, distributed and grid computing and how serial or sequential algorithms for engineering problems may be parallelized for the efficient solution of large scale problems in engineering, analysis, simulation and design.

Date of the course:
6th-10th of June, 2016

The lecturers in the course (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch, Co-founder and President, the UberCloud
Prof. Dr. P. Iványi, University of Pécs, Hungary;
Prof. Dr. J. Kruis, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic;
Prof. Dr. B.H.V. Topping, Heriot-Watt University, UK and University of Pécs, Hungary.

The course will include the following topics

The course will include the following topics

  • • Introduction: HPC terms and definitions, overview of hardware architectures, quality measures
  • • Programming patterns for parallel computing
  • • Finite element mesh generation
  • • Finite element mesh partitioning
  • • Parallel programming with MPI
  • • Parallel programming with OpenMP
  • • Parallel programming of GPUs
  • • Parallel Solution Techniques: direct versus iterative methods & domain decomposition solvers, FETI
  • • Cloud computing and its relation to parallel computing
  • • Discussion of engineering problems and their parallelisation

Prerequisite: The demonstrations and programming tutorials will be using the C programming language, therefor middle level knowledge of the C programming language is required to follow the tutorials.

Venue of the course

Venue of the course

The venue of the course is the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Pécs. The University is one of the largest and oldest Universities in Hungary.

The address of the Faculty:
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Pecs,
7624, Boszorkány 2., Pécs, Hungary.

The Hotels are near to the faculty. (A list of hotels can be downloaded.) The faculty can be approached by a 15 minute walk.

The Campus of the faculty is situated in the north side of Pécs. Google street view is also available.

Some information about Pécs on the Wiki: Pécs on Wikipedia

Homepage of the City of Pécs

Travelling to Pécs

Travelling to Pécs

Pécs can be found 200 km to the south of Budapest. The city can be approached in many ways.

  • • By car on Motorway 6. Traveling time is approximately 3 hours.
  • • By train. The timetable of the trains can be found on the web. Traveling time of the train is around 2.5 hours. In this case taxi transfer should be arranged between Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) airport and the railway station. Airport taxis are operating at the airport at a fixed price.
  • • By minibus. Minibuses can be ordered via the web and they provide door-to-door service, from the airport to the hotel in Pécs.
Getting around in Pécs

Getting around in Pécs

Pécs can be found 200 km to the south of Budapest. The city can be approached in many ways.

With a well-established local bus network the outer parts of the historic city centre surrounded by the old city wall can be easily accessed from all directions. Once you are in the city centre the best way to explore the sights, the beauty spots and hidden treasures of Pécs is by walking. If you would like to discover the sights on the Mecsek Hill we recommend that you use public transport as well.

Bus tickets can be bought before boarding a bus, at the newsagents, in the ticket offices of the Pécs Public Transport Company and in the Tourinform office (H-7621 Pécs, Széchenyi tér 7.). When you buy a ticket from the bus driver then you have to pay a supplement.Student discounts are not applicable to passes.

Passengers under 6 and above 65 (including citizens of EU member states) as well as blind and hearing impaired passengers with 1 accompanying person can travel free of charge




Payment Information

Bank Transfer

Beneficiary (Account holder): University of Pécs Politechnika Research & Development Consultants Ltd.
Address: 7624 Pécs, Boszorkány u. 2. Hungary

Name of Bank: K&H Bank Zrt.
Account No.: 10200012-24010553-00000000
IBAN: HU29 1020 0012 2401 0553 0000 0000
Swift Code: OKHBHUHB
Address: 7626 Pécs, Búza tér 6/a

On the remittance form, please include:
HPC 2016 and the name of the participant.

The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.


Course fee

Course fee for University students:  600 Euro
Course fee for University lecturers: 800 Euro
Course fee in all other cases: 1000 Euro

The course fee has to be payed via bank transfer by 
30th of May, 2016. The fee includes taking part in the
course, course materials, coffee breaks, lunches and a
course dinner.

In the event of registration cancellation, fees are 
refundable - less a 30 EUR service charge - provided a 
written notification made by e-mail to is received no later than 
23 May, 2016. There will be no refunds for cancellations 
received after 23 May, 2016 and for no-shows.